Phil Quin

New Zealand Director

Phil brings three decades of experience in political campaigning, writing and strategic communications in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Rwanda.

Now based in Wellington, NZ, Phil is a contributor and columnist to Stuff-owned newspapers. He also offers  specialised writing services – in the form of keynote speeches, thought pieces, reports and submissions – as well as media training and crisis management. 

Phil worked as a consultant to the Government of Rwanda between 2012-15, assisting with public sector capacity building, and managing the country’s 2014 bid for the UN Security Council campaign and 20th anniversary Genocide commemorations.
He also advised Global Citizen, a NYC-based NGO championing UN poverty and disease reduction goals. Before that, he worked for 10 years in agency public relations in Melbourne, and as an advisor to senior NZ and Australian Labor ministers.

Phil’s deep ties across the New Zealand media and political landscape enable him to offer sharp, targeted and high impact  advice to private and public sector clients alike. 

Phil has a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria University of Wellington.